MiFID II date confirmed – but why are financial institutions doing more and achieving less?

Volker Lainer, GoldenSource

As the European Commission finally confirms an implementation date for MiFID II, Volker Lainer of GoldenSource explains why now is the time for financial institutions adopting a quick fix approach to regulation to reconsider. After waiting and wondering, financial institutions finally have a firm date of January 3rd 2018 for MiFID II compliance. Whether this […]

Regulations raise new questions about industry standards


Financial market regulations across the globe are increasingly focusing on risk management. This includes ensuring it is clear who firms are trading with and for, and confirming that firms can identify the instruments being traded. As a result, the field of reference data is increasingly held under the regulatory microscope and that lens extends to the standards used to identify financial instruments, writes Chris Pickles.

Best execution failures: there’s blame on both sides

Traders have been hit by a  catalogue of failures and crashes at exchanges and brokers

A Financial Conduct Authority investigation that found banks and brokers are failing to provide best execution highlights the need for more responsibility and education among their buy-side customers.

Will Dodd-Frank trade reporting prepare you for EMIR?

Mark Steadman is co-leader of the Regulatory Reporting practice at Sapient Global Markets

On February 28, most of the approximately 70 registered swap dealers will stumble across the finishing line for the remaining asset classes of the CFTC implementation of Dodd-Frank trade reporting regulations. Some may be forgiven for breathing a sigh of relief.

TradeTech delegates heckle European policymaker

Roupie: Brussels "is not listening" to the buy-side

During a speech on European rulemaking, Jasper Jorritsma, policy officer at the European Commission, was heckled by audience members, who interrupted his speech and criticised “Byzantine” proposals to force market makers to stay active in financial markets, regardless of the prevailing market conditions.

Market data or MiFID failure?

Hemsley at BATS believes market data should be available at "reasonable" cost

Europe has failed to achieve the potential of the original MiFID, according to a panel of senior capital markets participants, because there is still no affordable consolidated tape of post-trade data.