EE rolls out mobile voice recording for financial services firms

EE is targeting City of London trading firms

UK operator EE has launched mobile voice recording services to help UK organisations to fully comply with the FCA’s mobile trading regulations.

Re-inventing banking: geospatial adoption drives “New World” business models


Loyalty is key to business success – and banks that can bring data and technology to bear to achieve it stand to gain the most, writes Sameet Gupte, senior vice president and managing director for Europe at IT consulting and outsourcing company Virtusa Corporation.

Omnichannel: the new normal for retail banks

Alison Wilkes_FIS

With customers expecting consistent service across all channels, banks must step up to the plate and streamline their processes when it comes to customer interaction. Using the omnichannel approach, they’ll also reap the rewards of better customer intelligence and a clear idea of how best to spend precious budgets.

One American in three uses mobile banking

One in three US adults now banks using a mobile phone

One in three US adults now uses mobile banking in their day to day lives– a rise of almost double since 2011, according to new research from the US Pew Research Centre.

Spain’s Banco Sabadell offers mobile cash withdrawal

Sabadell customers in Spain will be able to withdraw cash using their mobile

Spanish bank Sabadell has released a mobile app that lets consumers withdraw cash without a debit card.

The next big revolution in retail banking is sitting in the palm of your hand

Vineet Vijh

Retail banking is changing through many external forces. The on-going global financial crisis has impacted the regulation surrounding the banking industry, but there are other factors changing the environment banks find themselves operating in.

eToro prepares to bring social investing to Britain

Jonathan 'Yoni' Assia CEO_eToro3

Social investment network eToro is to open up shop in the UK, having won approval from new regulator the FCA this month. Founded in 2007, eToro is a social trading network that aims to revolutionise the way retail investors and high net-worth individuals connect with the market.

Dealing with Generation Y

Hale: Generation Y wants more personalised banking services

Banks should pay attention to the needs of a new generation of consumers if they want to secure their business lines for the future, according to Mark Hale, head of payments at KPMG.

Mobile will kill the traditional bank branch says Brett King


Disruptive digital technologies such as mobile and the internet will destroy the established retail banking business models by removing the physical product and replacing it with a digitised bank account, according to Brett King, speaking at the IPS show in London today. “In the old days there was a physical product, and a physical store,” […]

Study reveals customer motives for switching banks

Consumers most value better online tools, local branches and 24/7 availability

A majority of consumers would prefer portable bank account numbers to make switching between banks easier, according to a new YouGov poll conducted by BT – and the reasons may surprise advocates of Banking 2.0.