Fintech funding round-up: 23 February 2017


Let’s put the fun in funding by keeping it mercifully brief. A round-up of key events. Featuring Tala, Nymbus and Monzo. US micro-loan start-up Tala (formerly InVenture), led by founder and CEO Shivani Siroya, has raised $30 million in Series B funding. The money will support its expansion plans in South Asia and Latin America. […]

Can you marry an app Monzo?

Mondo is gearing up for beta testing

Mobile-only challenger bank Monzo has revealed some witty conversations between its banking customer support team and customers. In an amusing blog post, the bank says its customer support team of around 17 people manage hundreds of queries on a daily basis in as “close to real-time as possible”. Some of these conversations struck a chord […]

UK bank challenger Monzo raises £4.8m in latest funding round

business concept success businessman flying money

Mobile-only challenger bank Monzo has raised £4.8 million in an “interim” funding round led by Passion Capital. The bank is now valued at £50 million (in February this year it was valued at £30 million).

How emerging banks are changing the banking experience


Consumers and businesses alike will often consider a company’s reputation before entering an agreement with them. After all, why would anyone choose an organisation which has history of letting its customers down, over another with a spotless track record? It’s unsurprising then that once the reputation of traditional banks in the UK was tarnished by […]

Playing games with Mondo’s name change

Mondo is gearing up for beta testing

Changing your name from Mondo to Monzo does not warrant a news story –  unless a rival challenger bank makes some fun out of it. A trademark dispute with another Mondo entailed the new moniker and much unnecessary fanfare. While Monzo revelled in its new name and ignored media queries, Starling Bank decided to do […]