‘Hound of Hounslow’ highlights need for surveillance says Nasdaq

Sio: regulators are playing surveillance catch up

As greater convergence between asset classes and the unification of trading desks and trading strategies across multiple asset classes becomes more common, the opportunities for sophisticated market abuse may be on the rise. That may mean that the need for surveillance is greater than ever, according to Tony Sio, head of SmartsTrade Surveillance, exchange and regulators at Nasdaq.

Europe’s CSDs are facing a regulatory squeeze warns Nasdaq

Bergström: CSDs will need to adapt their business models

European banks and CSDs will be forced to change their business models under relentless pressure from Basel III, CSDR and T2S. That may involve consolidating services, as well as considering opportunities for collaboration, according to Henri Bergström, head of global post trade solutions at Nasdaq.

Japan Exchange in derivatives deal with Nasdaq

Aizawa Securities will use Fidessa's algo tools

Japan Exchange Group is planning to introduce a new derivatives trading system for its derivatives-focused subsidiary the Osaka Exchange, using technology provided by Nasdaq.

Cyberspace: beyond the rule of law?


Cybersecurity and cyber espionage have been in the headlines the past few years as leaked stories relating to government-sponsored activities have appeared and sabre rattling between aggrieved nations has moved to the public domain. At the same time an increased volume of distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) on banks and other institutions carried out […]

Nasdaq FinQloud financial cloud expands with Jordan & Jordan

Jordan & Jordan will use Nasdaq FinQloud to host its execution compliance and surveillance service

US consulting, market data and technology firm Jordan & Jordan has chosen to launch its execution compliance and surveillance service on Nasdaq OMX FinQloud, the cloud computing platform built for financial services and powered by Amazon Web Services.

Nasdaq OMX NLX reinforces pricing proposition

Nasdaq OMX NLX's Charlotte Crosswell aims to take on Europe's derivatives giants

New London derivatives market Nasdaq OMX NLX has partnered with technology specialist SuperDerivatives in a bid to ensure its pricing is as sound as possible, ahead of its looming battle to take business from its European derivatives rivals.

Nasdaq Dubai prepares Islamic finance products

Nasdaq Dubai will offer Islamic sukuk bonds as well as conventional products

Nasdaq Dubai is planning to open an Islamic finance exchange for trading Islamic sukuk bonds as well as conventional bonds.

Philippine bond market adopts Nasdaq OMX surveillance

PDEx will monitor Philippine fixed income activity using Nasdaq OMX technology

The Philippine Dealing and Exchange has chosen a system to monitor its fixed income markets and make sure that any market abuse is swiftly discovered and dealt with.

Exchanges: time for a rebuild?


Technical problems at Nasdaq and BATS have reinforced the impression among many market observers that there may be something seriously wrong with equity market structure. Recent history reads like a catalogue of disaster for many of the world’s most prominent trading venues.

East Africa Exchange opens in Rwanda

The East Africa Exchange will begin in Kigali, capital of Rwanda

The newly created East Africa Exchange, which is currently taking its first steps in Rwanda, is part of a regional integration project between Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda that aims to boost liquidity and provide a commodities market for 130 million people across the region.