Pindrop releases “next-gen” Phoneprinting with machine-learning might


Pindrop has released Pindrop Protect 4.0, which includes its patented high-definition Phoneprinting technology that analyses more than 1,300 features of a call’s audio to detect the subtle anomalies that indicate fraud, and determine the device type, geolocation and carrier.

US credit unions aim to cut down call centre fraud with new tech


Hoping to put a dent in a method of fraud that costs US companies $10 billion annually, PSCU, a credit union service organisation that serves 850+ credit unions, will use technology from Pindrop.

Lloyds can hear a Pindrop with anti-fraud tech


Lloyds says it is set to become the “first” organisation in Europe to introduce new fraud prevention technology, helping protect its 30 million customers from telephone fraudsters. The patented “Phoneprinting”, developed by call centre fraud firm Pindrop, creates an “audio fingerprint” of each call by analysing 147 unique call features – such as location, background […]