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Top five questions about using quantum-safe security in financial transactions

Scott Totzke, Isara

A wide range of technology-driven sectors will be affected by the advent of universal quantum computing many experts say will happen by 2026, but the financial industry has particular reason to be concerned.

Fintech boosted by IBM’s quantum computing leap

IBM working with Standard Life and ING Direct Australia

Fintech innovation could be getting a push as IBM has built and tested its most powerful universal quantum computing processors. IBM says this development opens up a range of possibilities within the fintech world. Namely, solutions to optimisation problems found in supply chains, modelling financial data, and risk analysis; making facets of artificial intelligence (AI) […]

Commonwealth Bank of Australia joins quantum revolution with QxBranch

Australia flag

QxBranch, the quantum computing and data analytics software company, has created a quantum computing simulator for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).