Retail deposits platform Savedo acquired by fellow fintech Deposit Solutions

Deposit Solutions buys Savedo

Germany-based Deposit Solutions has acquired fellow fintech Savedo. With the acquisition of Savedo, Deposit Solutions gains 18,000+ clients, 13 partner banks and new regions – thus “further expanding its B2C capabilities”.

FDIC savings pilot helps US students and banks

Children money

Financial institutions, schools and non-profit organisations in the US can collaborate to successfully teach children about savings and other positive financial habits – knowledge they can use as a sound foundation as they grow older, according to results of a two-year pilot by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Nordea Liv and Spiff collaborate for a new social savings app


Nordea Liv, a life insurance arm of Nordea, has worked with Norwegian fintech start-up Spiff to create a new app that will motivate customers to save money to reach goals.

Community Savings Bank Association joins UK challenger bank ranks

Local banks for local communities

A new challenger has joined the UK’s banking market, Community Savings Bank Association (CSBA). The association is working with an established bank, Airdrie Savings Bank, to set up a UK-wide network of independent, customer-owned, regional banks. These banks will support local communities and businesses.

New fintech platform for cash savings launched by ex-Merrill Lynch directors

Paul Richards and Giles Hutson, Insignis Asset Management

Two former Merrill Lynch directors, Paul Richards and Giles Hutson, have unveiled a new fintech venture, Insignis Asset Management. Insignis, a cash management company, is set “to revolutionise how clients manage their cash deposits”, the founders say. The Insignis Digital Banking Network will enable clients to deposit cash, starting from £100,000, into a hub account, […]