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Infographic: how serialised blockchain will revolutionise supply chain

Blockchain infographics

This infographic, courtesy of Savi Technology, explains how blockchain links offer immutable, trackable parcels of data that can include “smart contracts”, instructions such as other transactions that will be triggered to perform automatically later.

HSBC gets swift on Tradeshift capital financing platform


HSBC and business commerce firm Tradeshift have partnered to offer a supply chain and working capital management platform – usable from any device. The platform will let buyers automate and digitise “paper-heavy” processes from all their suppliers and organise financing in one place. This “game-changing” (sounds familiar) solution will combine electronic ordering and invoices, document […]

Goods in transit: how lessons from retail can transform the financial data supply chain

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Regulatory mandates call for the financial services industry to collaborate and rethink its data supply chain to tackle systemic risk and improve transparency. Looking at how the retail industry manages its supply chain could hold the key.

EBA report sets scene for collaboration on supply chain finance

Daniel Szmukler

The Euro Banking Association has published results of research and assessment work on supply chain finance topics and alternative electronic payments, including recommendations on managing financial industry collaboration and partnerships.