Harrods Bank acquired by challenger Tandem

UK-based challenger bank Tandem has singed an agreement to acquire Harrods Bank. Tandem says it will “benefit from around £80 million of capital coming into the business”. It will also provide Tandem with a banking licence.

How to get the magic back into our relationship with banks

As with any long-term human relationship, our relationship with banks is complicated. There’s a sense of co-dependence, transgressions that shake our trust, the occasional fleeting thought of escape. How to reignite the magic spark between a bank and its customer?

Crowdfunding and investment round-up: 13 May 2016

With news on crowdfunding and investment appearing with relentless regularity, here’s a round-up of key events to save you time. UK challenger bank Tandem has now revealed the money it’s raised and its valuation – all in preparation for a crowdfunding campaign that starts on 20 May. Money raised comes to £22 million and it […]