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ECB adopts Thomson Reuters Eikon

The ECB will use Thomson Reuters Eikon to improve its access to information

The European Central Bank has signed a deal together with the central banks of 18 countries to adopt Thomson Reuters’ Eikon desktop for trading and market data.

Compliance stretching bank resources says Thomson Reuters

Regulation is increasing the bank compliance officer's burden

Financial services firms are being forced to become increasingly risk-focused due to the continuing pressure of regulation, according to a new survey by Thomson Reuters.

Nasdaq OMX expands and regroups technology business

Griefeld aims to make Nasdaq a technology business

Nasdaq OMX is to combine its market technology and corporate solutions businesses, in a move that it says will help the firm provide more transparency to customers and a stronger business proposition.

Thomson Reuters debuts FATCA compliance kit

The headquarters of the IRS, Washington D.C.

Thomson Reuters has launched a tool to help financial institutions comply with the US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, widely known as FATCA, which requires banks to identify their US customers for tax purposes.

EC acceptance of Thomson Reuters’ proposals on RIC re-use frees data users

Craig: working with EC for constructive outcome

Data users wanting to use Reuters Instrument Codes to access data carried on consolidated data feeds from other information providers will be able to do so following the resolution of a European Commission investigation into whether Thomson Reuters was abusing its monopoly position.

Thomson Reuters adds ‘storm tracker’ natural disaster map to Eikon

Hurricane Sandy devastated the US east coast in late October

Thomson Reuters has added a map that measures the impact of weather, natural disasters and political events on commodity production and freight to its Thomson Reuters Eikon desktop.