UK government continues quest to ruin reputation of encryption

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The UK’s Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, is a woman on a mission, and that mission is to mutilate the reputation of platforms like WhatsApp in the pursuit of the destruction of end-to-end encryption, reports Telecoms.com (Banking Technology’s sister publication). It isn’t new. Rudd must have been wronged by an online troll at some point and […]

WhatsApp mulls business revenue stream

Coming soon: payments through WhatsApp

Facebook-owned IM service WhatsApp reckons it might finally be able to make some money by charging businesses for clever access to their punters, reports Telecoms.com (Banking Technology’s sister publication). Apparently quite a lot of people already use WhatsApp around the world to interact with shopkeepers and other relatively simple business transactions such as placing orders, […]

Top fintech stories this week – 18 August 2017

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Catch up on Banking Technology’s top five fintech stories of the week – all in one place!

WhatsApp to introduce payments feature

Coming soon: payments through WhatsApp

Facebook-owned messenger app WhatsApp submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Programme, which will make payments available in the app’s new version.

Paytm to add messaging capabilities to rival WhatsApp

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India’s most popular electronic wallet and payments bank Paytm is gearing up to add messaging capabilities to its mobile app. Experts believe this is in response to WhatsApp’s plans to add a payments piece to its platform. With mobile payments growing rapidly in India post demonetisation, Paytm is expected to quickly double its user base […]

Facebook looks to Messenger for future growth… but not yet


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has cast his sights on monetising his OTT platforms Messenger and WhatsApp, but don’t expect miracles any time soon, reports Telecoms.com (Banking Technology‘s sister publication). The financial performance of the company is exactly what you would expect; another quarter of monstrous growth. Total revenues hit $9.164 billion, a year-on-year increase of […]

WhatsApp set to join the Indian mobile money revolution


Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reportedly looking to get into mobile payments and has picked India as the best place to start.

Deutsche Bank bans texting and messaging apps on work phones


No more texting or using messaging apps such as WhatsApp on company issued phones, Deutsche Bank tells its employees. According to a memo issued by COO Kim Hammonds and chief regulatory officer Sylvie Matherat, the functionality will be switched off this quarter.