September 2015: corporate Challenges

PULLING TOGETHER Banks are losing corporate business to alternative providers. What can they do to fight back? PREVIEW: SINGAPORE SLINGS AND ARROWS Innotribe takes centre stage at Sibos 2015 – what’s left for the traditionalists? SURVEY: LEGACY REPLACEMENT Multiple overlapping and redundant systems are holding back modernisation ROUNDTABLE: THE INTERNATIONALISATION OF IMMEDIATE PAYMENTS Call them […]

The Irresistible Rise of Real-Time Payments

Whatever label you use, instant, immediate, faster or real-time payments have moved to the top of the agenda at every payments-related event so far this year and are sure to be high on the agenda when Swift’s annual Sibos event lands in Singapore in October. Nearing the halfway mark for 2015, here’s a roundup of the stories so far …

Pay Magazine – Spring 2015

Agents of Change: Innovators Talk Disruption vs. Evolution; The Apple Pay Effect; EMV Readiness Report; Market Snapshots: Brazil & Italy; 2015 Paybefore Awards: The Best in 26 Categories; Who Are You Wearing?

May 2015: Retail Revolution

Revolution Retail How consumer behaviour is changing banking The next frontier for digital banking As real-time payment systems proliferate around the world, attention is turning to the issues of cross-border payments Destined to fail IT services suppliers need to understand the peculiarities of bank procurement processes. A former insider spills the beans Conference reports News and views […]

April 2015: Rewiring the Markets

Rewiring the Markets Is regulation making capital markets more efficient? Don’t bet on it … Procurement Policies Learn to love the annual budgeting process Supplier management Balancing cost and manageability in supplier sourcing Learning from experience What to look for as real-time payment systems proliferate unstoppable evolution How changes in payments will make some banks […]

March 2015: A Balancing Act

A Balancing Act Mobile banking and payments are forcing banks to radically reconsider their systems architectures and processes Cloud in financial services How banks learned to stop worrying and love the cloud Biometrics Voice and fingerprint recognition are no longer esoteric or inaccurate – in fact, they’re becoming the norm Nurturing innovation Amy Nauiokas talks about Anthemis’s vision […]

February 2015: Banking in cyber-space

The cyber-attack on Sony Pictures at the end of last year highlighted something that IT and security people in financial services have known for some time – the modern networked environment is far less secure than most people are prepared to admit …

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