About us

FinTech Futures is a digital publishing platform for the worldwide fintech community – from the industry veterans to those just entering the space, and everyone in-between!

We provide daily news, in-depth analysis and expert commentary across a comprehensive range of areas:

Our broad readership and solid reputation, combined with in-depth coverage across fintech on a worldwide scale, makes us the leading resource for technology buyers, sellers, developers, integrators and other specialists across the sector.

Our website attracts 440,000+ monthly page views and our daily newsletter is delivered to over 42,000 key decision-makers in the financial services and technology sectors. The brand is active across the key B2B social media platforms, with over 32,000 followers on Twitter @FinTech_Futures and over 2,000+ members in the LinkedIn group.

FinTech Futures also incorporates:

The Banking Technology magazine, a print and online publication founded in London in 1984. The magazine, published ten times a year, is a trusted brand for fintech professionals an enjoys a worldwide distribution.

Annual awards show Banking Technology Awards, which recognises the top achievers and innovators within the banking technology community.

Paybefore, a global payments technology publication, offering industry-insider perspectives into the world of prepaid, payments technology, e-commerce and loyalty programmes, as well as emerging payments. Find out more here.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Bankingtech.com website
    Global digital platform for the industry.
  • Banking Technology magazine
    Our iconic publication dedicated to all things fintech. Published ten times a year, in print and as a digital edition, with a distribution of 55,000.
  • Daily newsletter
    Top stories and commentary delivered to over 42,000 fintech professionals daily.
  • Weekly bulletin
    Top features and resources delivered to over 42,000 fintech professionals weekly.
  • Industry surveys, white papers and other reports
    Available online and in print, produced in partnership with industry specialists.
  • Webinars
    An excellent online platform to showcase fintech solutions, discuss and debate.
  • Executive interviews and thought-leadership articles
    High quality, in-depth editorial material, available online and in print.
  • Videos
    Knowledge sharing, executive interviews and company promotions via this high-impact digital tool.
  • Daily News at Sibos
    Banking Technology’s sister publication, produced daily for Swift’s annual conference, Sibos. Available in print and online, and distributed daily at Sibos.
  • Media partnerships
    Providing online and on-the-ground support to industry conferences and trade shows worldwide.
  • Banking Technology Awards
    An annual show to laud the excellence in the use of IT in financial services and people who make it happen.

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