Dwolla seeks more dollars with repackaged services

Capping an approximately 18-month effort to pivot into a software-as-service platform for businesses, US payments firm Dwolla has repackaged some of its services into a pair of products and pricing structures. The company’s clients now can use Dwolla technology to enable same-day ACH capabilities or to move funds between bank accounts without having to do […]

Dwolla offers FiSync platform to US Fed’s faster payments plan

US payments start-up Dwolla has submitted its FiSync platform as part of its faster payments proposal to the Federal Reserve-chartered Faster Payment Task Force. The Fed-chartered initiative, comprised of over 500 Faster and Secure Payments Task Force members, has been tasked with representing, addressing, and assessing “improved” payments systems. Dwolla is offering FiSync, a communication […]

Dwolla docked dollars for its data security

US payments start-up Dwolla has been fined $100,000 by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for its data security. Data security issues included: “Use appropriate measures to identify reasonably foreseeable security risks; ensure that employees who have access to or handle consumer information received adequate training and guidance about security risks; use encryption technologies to […]

CME inks post-trade deal with Dwolla

Derivatives exchange CME has signed a commercial agreement with Dwolla, a bank transfer platform. The arrangement will use Dwolla’s real-time architecture to support on demand payment clearing and settlement services. It is intended to streamline payment operations for CME Clearing members. “With its established customers and proven real-time systems, Dwolla’s technology provides CME Group with […]

Financial services disruption – why I’m backing the banks

For banks, a race to remain relevant is on. In the past few weeks, Lloyds Banking Group has announced its intention to double-down on digital banking, closing branches and cutting costs. In the US, BBVA Compass announced that its agreement with startup Dwolla to offer real-time payment facilities to customers makes it the first mainstream bank to open its technology platform to digital developers like Dwolla