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Custodians urged to take up SSI challenge

Custodians are being urged to adopt a standardised utility model for the management of standing settlement instructions (SSIs) to resolve ongoing challenges such as high costs and risks for buy-side firms.

TABB: Legacy IT is hurting buy-side alpha generation

In its latest report “Breaking Down Buy Side Barriers: Achieving Alpha through Agility,” analyst firm TABB Group has found that investment managers are struggling to cope with trade life cycle errors as a consequence of technology failure. Support for all asset classes and security types, multiple currency transactions, geographical locations and asset allocation strategies is […]

Tech-powered non-banks taking over US Treasury trading

Technology is equipping non-bank market-makers to move into the US Treasury Market, giving them analytics and speed to manage and hedge risk, while enhancing market liquidity. “Market makers have been deploying electronic tools at varying degrees over the past decade,” says Anthony Perrotta, a principal and head of fixed income research at Tabb Group, author […]

Tabb: capital markets compliance spend will soar to $2.6 billion this year

TABB Group forecasts global compliance spending among capital markets firms will some increase 7.5% to 8% in 2015, reaching $2.592 billion , and growing at a similar pace for 2016, driven by global regulations that require institutions to expand coverage, enhance existing capabilities and standardise compliance solutions and processes.

Bringing it all together

From the early days of internet distribution, New York-based Alacra has been aggregating reference data. Chief executive Steve Goldstein told David Bannister the company’s story

Resurrected Financial Transaction Tax poses threat to EU markets

A renewed push by a group of 11 European countries could see a controversial Financial Transaction Tax introduced across the EU in less than 12 months, with harmful effects on securities markets and extraterritorial repercussions – even in countries which have not signed up, such as the UK.

Capital markets firms “woefully” underestimate IT costs

Capital markets firms often have little idea how much they are spending on technology and even less control, according to a new report by Tabb Group and Thomson Reuters. The report’s authors call for greater emphasis on data, which could help to save the half a million dollars per front office employee spent on technology every year.

Futures algos come of age

Long-only institutional investors are increasingly turning towards advanced futures trading strategies that have previously been the preserve of hedge funds and proprietary trading shops, according to a new report published by Tabb Group and Fidessa.